Research Policy Handbook


Acting Principal Investigatorship

Policy Authority

Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Research, Promulgated in 1976 by Vice Provost for Research, William F. Massey

Policy Contact

Now in Policy Details

Establishes the policy that acting principal investigatorship is subject to the same criteria for eligibility as regular PIship.

1. Eligibility

Responsibilities for the intellectual direction of our externally sponsored teaching and research activities must rest with the faculty and may not be delegated to others, even on a temporary basis, without prior approval. Acting PIship is subject to the same criteria for eligibility as outlined in RPH 2.1, PI Eligibility and Criteria for Exceptions.

If the PI of an on-going sponsored project will not be engaged in the project for a period of three months or more, another Academic Council member must be named as Acting PI to assume direction of the project, subject to the approval of the sponsoring agency.