Who We Are

The facilities team for the Vice Provost and Dean of Research office provides operations and maintenance support for VPDoR buildings and their occupants, including those which are home to its 15 independent laboratories, centers, and institutes. We work closely with other teams throughout Stanford to ensure a healthy, safe, and productive environment for research and learning, as well as to ensure accurate accounting and management of university property and space. We also collaborate with other teams to address the particular aspects that research facilities present such as laboratory safety. 

Our Services

We oversee operations for 25 buildings located throughout Stanford and on our Redwood City campus. Our work is performed in partnership with other teams, including Stanford Buildings and Ground Maintenance (BGM) and Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S). 

We provide support for the following services:

  • Coordinating construction and infrastructure maintenance within these facilities. 
  • Providing space and property management of buildings including inventory of assets, updates to space usage data, guidance around the acquisition and disposal of property
  • Delivery of building maintenance services. 
  • Space management and inventory assistance through the iSpace inventory system. Updates are required any time VPDoR space changes occupants, usage or funding. Faculty can submit space usage information using the Electronic PI Lab Use Survey (ePLUS) tool.
  • We implement best practices to ensure all our facilities are safe and secure, working with the Stanford Fire Marshal's Office to inspect buildings for fire code compliance, and with the Buildings and Grounds Maintenance team to correct any deficiencies

To learn if there is a current emergency situation, power outage or threat on campus, check the Stanford Emergency Website for up-to-date information and instructions. 

  • Call 911 for life-threatening emergencies or to report a crime in progress. 

A Guide to Frequently Requested Services

Events Services

Stanford Event Services provides event management and planning assistance, guidelines, available venues and more.

Submit a Work Request

Building Access

Consult your appropriate building manager - listed here - for access requests. 

Report an Incident

Stanford is committed to maintaining a safe environment for its campus community.

  • Report Immediately any serious injury resulting in hospitalization expected to last more than 24 hours, or death to Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) at 650-725-9999. 

Report within 24 hours incidents involving injuries, illnesses or close calls here. The reporting helps identify possible hazards and opportunities to improve our future safety.

Our Team

Mark Sarkozy

Mark Sarkozy
Facilities Director
C) 650-862-6921, O) 650-721-2468

Michael Slack

Michael Slack
Facilities Specialist II
Hansen Experimental, Physics Lab (HEPL) 
C) 650-346-9920

Shawn Forzetting
Facilities Specialist II
Hansen Experimental Physics Lab (HEPL) 

Perfecto C. Belano
Facilities and Safety Manager
Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials (GLAM)

Timothy Omi
Facilities Specialist 1
Department Property Administrator for Geballe
Laboratory for Advanced Materials (GLAM)

Mark Gibson
Lab Services Coordinator
Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials (GLAM)

Sandra Hu
Administrative Associate
Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory (HEPL)

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Buildings List

The VPDoR buildings under our purview are listed here.

Laboratory Safety Resources

Some of the buildings managed by the facilities team house research laboratories and each VPDoR lab poses its own set of potential hazards. It is the responsibility of the lab Principal Investigator (PI), managers and other related staff to understand those hazards; to properly label, store and manage the inventory of lab chemicals; to ensure the use of personal protective equipment, and more. The facilities team is here to support all labs.

Other Lab Safety Resources

More best practices, resources and tools are available in the Lab Safety section of the EH&S site.