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Training Courses

As faculty, student, or staff member involved in the conduct of research, you may be required or requested to take compliance training for a variety of reasons (e.g., federal requirements) and on a variety of topics, such as: responsible conduct of research, subject protection, and research safety.

VPDoR Trainings

Stanford requires individuals new to the position of Principal Investigator (PI) to understand the regulatory environment in which sponsored research is conducted. This course outlines the regulatory environment for sponsored

Audience PI and Research Team

Time to Complete < 1 hour

This class is a guide for all faculty and staff who administer international research and foreign students at Stanford, export materials and equipment, work with disclosure-restricted technical information, travel internationally

Audience AdministratorsPI and Research Team

Time to Complete < 1 hour

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Cardinal Curriculum

Cardinal Curriculum is Stanford's foundational research administration training program. The Cardinal Curriculum program is divided into two certificate programs: Cardinal Curriculum Level 1 and Cardinal Curriculum Level 2.

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OSR - SeRA Webinar

OSR offers 30+ one-hour "How to" zoom webinars on core research administration topics with live Q&A. No registration or prerequisites required.

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Stanford campus

Finance Trainings

Learn how to use Stanford’s financial systems.

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