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Gain the knowledge and confidence to navigate Stanford's Financial Systems. Keep your skills sharp and your financial acumen strong and focused. Choose from a wide variety of training courses to suit your needs.

If you do this... Take these classes Class Title Financial Category
Access any financial data or perform any financial activity FIN-PROG-0020 Financial Stewardship Expectations Financial Stewardship
Manage stewardship of Stanford finances ORA-1101 Understanding Cost Policy Financial Authority
FIN-0100 Internal Controls
Grant authority to access financial systems ––– Tutorial for Authority Manager
Review and approve financial transactions FIN-0103 Approving Financial Transactions
Initiate, approve, reconcile, review, or manage financial transactions FIN-0102 Using Stanford’s Chart of Accounts Account Structure: Chart of Accounts
Request or approve new accounts (PTAs) FIN-0200 Introduction to Stanford PTA Attributes
Request new accounts (PTAs) using PTA Manager FIN-0201 Requesting PTAs Using PTA Manager
Maintain account attributes using PTA Manager FIN-0202 Maintaining PTAs Using PTA Manager
Purchase catalog items and create custom orders using SmartMart FIN-0412 Purchasing Using SmartMart Buying & Paying
Initiate non-catalog requests: requisitions and contracts FIN-0410 Non-Catalog Purchasing Using Oracle iProcurement
Act as PCard custodian or transaction Verifier FIN-0450 PCard Policy & Procedure
Initiate and manage reimbursement requests and expense reports FIN-0500 Introduction to Expense Requests
Initiate and manage requests for Non-PO payments FIN-0504 Non-PO Payment Requests
Process requests for advance funds FIN-0502 Requesting and Clearing Advances
Pay human subjects FIN-0508 Paying Human Subjects
Select vendors or people to receive payments FIN-0509 Payee / Supplier Setup
Travel for Stanford business or support business travelers FIN-0400 Traveling for Stanford Travel
Create expense reports for Travel Card transactions FIN-0402 Expense Reports with Travel Card Charges
Initiate and manage reimbursement requests and expense reports FIN-0500 Introduction to Expense Requests Reimbursement / Expense Reporting
Administer and reconcile department petty cash funds FIN-0506 Petty Cash Administration
Manage Stanford funds FIN-0170 FUNDamentals of Funds Funds Management
Manage commitments and available fund balances, forecast future expenditures FIN-0180 Introduction to the Commitment Management System (CMS)
FIN-0181 Acquiring Core CMS Skills
Initiate expense journals or journal transfers FIN-0210 Introduction to iJournals
Reconcile and review expenditure statements FIN-0160 Expenditure Statement Reconciliation and Review
Process monetary gifts made to Stanford FIN-0190 Initiating Gift Transmittals
Approve monetary gifts made to Stanford FIN-0191 Approving Gift Transmittals
Run financial reports in OBI FIN-0340 Introduction to OBI Financial Reporting Financial Reporting
Customize reports in OBI dashboard FIN-0345 CER Dashboard Intermediate Workshop
Run payroll and labor management reports using OBI FIN-0351 Introduction to Payroll and Labor Management Reporting Using OBI
Run expenditure detail and SU card activity reports using OBI FIN-0353 OBI Financial Reporting – Expense Requests & SU Card Activity Predefined Reports
Run consolidated expenditure reports using OBI FIN-0355 Overview of Consolidated Expenditure Reporting Dashboard
Create custom reports and perform advanced analyses using OBI FIN-0350 Creating Financial Analyses Using OBI
Allocate employee labor costs FIN-0510 Labor Schedules Payroll Administration
Initiate salary transfers FIN-0520 Labor Distribution Adjustments
Analyze and reconcile graduate financial aid expenditures FIN-0110 Understanding Graduate Financial Aid Expenditures Supporting Students

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