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The Research Alliance Relations (RAR) office serves as a central point of contact and hub of information for those involved in research alliances between Stanford and our external, non-profit sponsors. The office provides guidance and resources to both internal and external stakeholders to foster excellence and best practices throughout the lifecycle of our collaborations, spanning organizations, disciplines, and years. In addition, RAR provides operational support and coordination of administrative efforts for the advancement and stewardship of Stanford’s research alliance programs.

Research alliances at Stanford are large-scale programs which provide support to faculty and researchers across the university. These programs, funded by non-profit organizations outside of the University, engage faculty from multiple schools and departments. Each of these organizations partner with the Stanford research community to contribute financial, intellectual and other resources in order to advance innovative and ambitious medical research projects, develop research platforms for the study of complex problems in medical science, accelerate research in fighting diseases, and enhance research opportunities for University faculty and graduate communities.

Formed by the VPDoR in 2023, RAR serves as a nexus for administering the University’s expanding engagement with research alliances. This includes coordinating and streamlining engagements with alliance stakeholders, providing guidance on policy and compliance related matters, monitoring alliance activities and researcher needs, administration and management of alliance contracts, and creating solution-driven outcomes for those units involved with alliance engagements.

These organizations are currently a part of Stanford’s research alliance community:

  • Arc Institute: Provides multiple engagements with Stanford in order to carry out innovative and ambitious research programs in medical science, drive inquiry-driven research on complex diseases and the development of research platforms for complex diseases, and support graduate medical and research education.
  • Chan Zuckerberg BioHub: Supports research conducted by scientists, engineers, and technologists involving the invention of new tools and techniques that accelerate the pace of scientific discovery and helps BioHub realize its vision of curing, preventing, or managing every disease by the end of the century.
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI): Engages in collaboration with Stanford for the pursuit of bold medical research and to enhance professional and research opportunities for members of the Stanford community.
  • Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy (PICI): Partners with Stanford School of Medicine to establish a dedicated research center focused on developing novel therapies in cancer immunology, and supporting Stanford  research communities.


RAR provides a central support system for researchers, administrators, and external collaborators involved with alliance activities. As a primary point of contact for alliance stakeholders who are both within and outside the Stanford community, RAR supports research administrators by providing clarity, guidance, and resources around research policy, financial logistics, best practices and more.

Here are ways alliance stakeholders can access our resources and expertise on a variety of topics :

Faculty & Researchers

Inquire about policy and benefit-related features of your alliance engagement, seek support with alliance and research operations, or connect to learn about opportunities with alliance collaborators.

Administrators & Program Managers

Learn about relevant policies, operations, and obligations for your department’s or faculty’s engagement with alliance collaborators.

Alliance Sponsors & Collaborators

Find ways to connect  with the broader Stanford community, and seek  support for your inquiries or other collaboration-related needs.

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Adam Nazaroff
Director of Research Alliance Relations
Adam has been with Stanford since 2016, when he began work at the Stanford Center for Professional Development focusing on business development, contract negotiations, and global engagement. Adam came to VPDoR in 2023 to develop and lead the Research Alliance Relations team. He focuses on building bridges of collaboration and communication  which empower members of the Stanford community to excel. Contact: nazaroff@stanford.edu

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