PI Training: Stewardship and Compliance for Principal Investigators

Intended Audience

PI and Research Team

Time to Complete

Time to Complete

< 1 hour

Stanford requires individuals new to the position of Principal Investigator (PI) to understand the regulatory environment in which sponsored research is conducted. This course outlines the regulatory environment for sponsored research. It is comprised of two modules: 1) Research and Scholarship and 2) Financial Management.

Who is required to take this training?

All  those serving as a Principal Investigator on sponsored projects and University Research. An award cannot be accepted until this training has been completed. The training completion date is reflected in both STARS and SeRA. 

How to receive credit for this training

This course is structure into two modules that need to be taken sequentially. At the end of the course, you will be asked to certify your understanding of the material presented in this course as well as acknowledge your agreement to abide by Stanford's research regulatory framework.