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RDO’s goal is to enhance competitiveness of proposals through grantsmanship while reducing the burden on PIs. To that end, we offer a variety of types of support, depending on the needs of the project, timing, and RD Specialist availability.

Examples of RDO Support

  • Finding the right fit between project and sponsor
  • Supporting team formation
  • Providing guidance for strategic preparation and concept development
  • Coordinating projects
  • Strengthening the responsiveness of grant applications
  • Proposal consultation, including in-depth feedback, editing, and writing specific (non-technical) sections

In addition to the proposal preparation and development support services listed, RDO curates online resources that can be found in the menu across the top of our web pages. Please check back frequently as additional content will be created and made available over time.

Please contact us at Stanford_RDO@stanford.edu for more information about how Stanford RDO can help you.

Created: 08.30.22
Updated: 09.02.22