Space Inventory

Auxiliaries, Hospital & Non-Stanford Entities Space

Auxiliaries, Hospital, and Non-Stanford Entities (AHN) related space is used for activities that are Other Institutional Activities with a specific purpose. This category applies to auxiliary enterprises, Stanford Hospitals and Clinics, and non-Stanford entities.

1. Auxiliaries, Hospital & Non-Stanford Entities: Function Code N

All auxiliaries and non-Stanford entities should be coded to Function N. Examples of both auxiliaries and non-Stanford entities are shown below:

Auxiliary Enterprises

  • Alumni Association
  • Bing Nursery School
  • DAPER (Department of Athletics, Physical Education & Recreation)
  • Highwire Press (Library)
  • Media Solutions (Library)
  • Overseas Centers
  • Radio Station KZSU
  • Residential Subdivision (& Residential Leaseholders)
  • Schwab Residential Center
  • Stanford in Washington (Room & Board space only)
  • University Press
  • Video Group (News Service)

Non-Stanford Entities

  • Bike Shop
  • Bookstore
  • Carnegie Institute
  • Children’s Center of the Stanford Community (Child Care)
  • Faculty Club
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)
  • Physicians for Social Responsibility 
  • Retail entities, e.g., Wells Fargo, Jamba Juice
  • Stanford Equestrian Center
  • Stanford Historical Society
  • U.S. Post Office 

Stanford Hospital & Clinics

  • Stanford Hospital & Clinics
  • Stanford Children's Hospital (Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital)
  • Blood Center

2. Residences & Dining Services: Function Code D

Function code ‘D’ is a unique auxiliary enterprise code to identify the space used for all activities encompassed by Residential and Dining Enterprises:

  1. Residential activities include student residences, dormitories (including subcontracts like Schwab Residential Center) and administrative functions, (including Housing Assignment Services).  
  2. Dining activities encompass both residence dining and dining venues operated across the campus serving students and staff.
  3. Other space includes Conference Services and Hospitality and Auxiliary Services operations.

This code would not be used for the Residential Education program (Function Code "I") or any other space occupied by the Dean of Student Affairs Office, which should be coded to the appropriate function, which is commonly Student Services (Function Code "S"). Nor does this function include Faculty Staff Housing, see Other Institutional Activities (Function Code “C”).