How To

Properly Review the F&A Rate on Monthly Expenditure Report

Compare the F&A rate on your monthly expenditure report to the awarded rate. The awarded rate is either the negotiated rate found on the Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Cost Rates Table or a reduced rate.

If you are working with a negotiated rate, make sure the rate is correct for the project's activity (research, instruction, or other) and that the proper location is used (on campus, off campus, or a mixture of both).

If a reduced rate was awarded, make sure it is the same as that on the NOA (Notice of Award) or the original proposal.

Do not attempt to calculate the rate. You need to compare and ensure it is correct. If it is not correct, contact OSR (Office of Sponsored Research).

If you would like to see what expenditure types are subject to F&A costs, based on what rate is used (MTDC, TDC etc.), please see How to apply the correct F&A to my proposal's budget