COI School Contacts

Find NIH Guidance for Foreign Components and Other Foreign Interactions on the SOM, Research Management Group (RMG) website

See the slides for the  NIH/NSF Disclosures Workshop and the video recording of the session held on February 10, 2020. Note: login to DoResearch first (Login button at top right-hand corner). 

This page provides contact information for the individuals in the various schools and the Dean of Research Office who are responsible for managing the process of collecting faculty reports on compliance with the Faculty Policy on Conflict of Commitment and Interest.

Graduate School of Business

  • Sarah Soule, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs,, (650) 723-0833 
  • Maureen McNichols, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs,, (650) 725-6152
  • Larry Wein, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, (650) 724-1676

  • Charlotte Toksvig, Assistant Dean, Academic Administration,, (650) 721-2586

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School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences

  • Professor Scott Fendorf, Huffington Family Professor in Earth Sciences, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Senior Fellow, by courtesy, at the Woods Institute for the Environment,, (650) 7235238
  • Amy Balsom, Senior Associate Dean,,(650)  723-9365
  • Sue Crutcher, Faculty Affairs Officer,, (650) 724-1535

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Graduate School of Education

  • Priscilla Fiden, Assistant Dean for Staff, Facilities and Faculty Affairs,, (650) 533-7590
  • Tanya Chamberlain, Faculty Affairs Officer,, (650) 725-1242

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School of Engineering

  • Professor Kenneth Goodson, Senior Associate Dean  for Faculty and Academic Affairs, School of Engineering,, (650) 725-2086
  • Christine Eichar, Director of Faculty Affairs,, (650) 721-6592

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School of Humanities and Sciences

All COI issues in H&S should initially be brought to the attention of Martha Langill.

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School of Law

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School of Medicine

  • Dr. Ruth O'Hara, Senior Associate Dean for Research,, (650) 796-2720
  • Barbara Flynn, Director, Conflict of Interest Review Program,, (650) 723-7226
  • Shannon Shankle, Analyst, Conflict of Interest Review Program,, (650) 723-0969

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Office of the Dean of Research

  • Kathryn A. Moler, Vice Provost and Dean of Research,
  • Mary R. Lee, Director, Conflict of Interest Program, Vice Provost and Dean of Research Office,, 650-736-6518
  • Denise Hofer,  Vice Provost and Dean of Research Office,, (650) 724- 5398

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