How To

Submit Requests to OSR About Your Award

SeRA Central Office Requests allows department administrators to submit requests to the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR), Research Management Group (RMG) and Industrial Contracts Office (ICO) via the SeRA system for institutional officials to contact sponsors for notifications, requests and approvals, or for OSR Post award Research Accountants to modify existing Oracle accounts - PTAs for sponsored projects. 

Benefits of the SeRA Central Office Request form:

  • SeRA records when the request was submitted; what information was provided; who is working on it; and the status of the request and all requests are searchable

  • Eliminates emails to one person and delayed response since requests are sent to the central offices' queues which allows for assignment to the next staff member if staff are out of the office.

  • Users can see who the request is assigned to and the processing time to date.

If you are sending or forwarding award documents (sponsor issued grants, contracts agreements, amendments, certifications, etc.) to OSR, please send them to the OSR Intake processing email address:

Please do NOT use a Central Office Request to follow up on the status of an existing SeRA transaction (proposal, award, PTA, Central Office Request etc.).  Rather, look up the relevant transaction in SeRA to view the latest information, and, if needed, follow up with the relevant transaction’s current assignee via email.

SeRA Central Office Requests are divided into two subgroups:

  • Pre Award Central Office Requests - Use when you need to tell/ask the sponsor something e.g. No Cost Extensions, Sponsor Prior Approval requests, etc.

  • Post Award Central Office Requests - Use when you need to change something related to an Oracle PTA e.g. add a new task, rebudgeting within or amongst tasks that do not require sponsor prior approval etc.

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