How To

Provide Funds to an International Visiting Scholar at the Beginning of Their Trip to Stanford

To pay your visiting scholar an honorarium and/or subsistence funds on arrival or near the beginning of their stay on campus, they need to be added to the Oracle system in advance of their arrival on campus. The departmental administrator can initiate this process in Oracle Financials to get the visiting scholar into the system to verify their identity.

The departmental administrator can request a non-PO payment and provide a justification for the payment. The amount of payment can include an honorarium, per diem meals/incidentals, estimated local transportation fees.

Example of justification language: [First name, last name] is a visiting scholar from [country name], a low-resourced country, and due to economic hardship, he/she needs subsistence funds for his stay in the US while he collaborates with [faculty sponsor name].

The departmental administrator can provide information as to how the check will be picked up, either by the visiting scholar with identification or by faculty member/departmental administrator on the visiting scholar’s behalf. 

The visiting scholar should keep copies of receipts and return any unused funds to Stanford. 

For assistance with processing expenses for international travel related to a visiting scholar, please visit the FMS Expense Reimbursement Help Center.