Computing to Support Research


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Ruth Marinshaw

Chief Technology Officer - Research Computing

Research Computing Op Budget

(650) 736-9372

Stanford Research Computing Facility

The Stanford Research Computing Center is a joint effort of the Dean of Research and University IT to build and support a comprehensive program to advance research at Stanford.  That includes offering and supporting traditional high-performance computing (HPC) systems, as well as systems for high throughput and data-intensive computing, platforms for working with high-risk data, and data storage at scale.  But it's not just about the hardware. SRCC team members also help researchers transition their analyses and models from the desktop to more capable and plentiful resources, providing the opportunity to explore their data and answer research questions (on-premise or in the cloud) at a scale typically not possible on desktops or departmental servers.  Often partnering with units like ICME as well as the NSF XSEDE program and select vendors, the SRCC offers training and learning opportunities around high-end computing tools and technologies.  In addition, we provide consultation to help you find the best solution for the kinds of computing and analytics you want to do.

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