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Sent on behalf of Ann Arvin, Vice Provost and Dean of Research Dear Colleagues,

As we enter this busy summer travel period, I would like to remind you that the US Government continues to impose trade sanctions against Iran, Cuba, Syria, Sudan, North Korea and the Crimean Region of the Ukraine.

Travel to these countries, as well as research-related activity in these countries, remains tightly regulated and generally requires a Treasury Department (“OFAC”) export license. For example, despite the recent relaxation of travel to Cuba, the island continues under a comprehensive US trade embargo and tourism is prohibited.

Because these OFAC regulations are complex and violations may result in severe financial penalties to the traveler and to the University, Stanford’s Export Control Officer, Steve Eisner, must be contacted for an export license review in advance of your travel to or research activity with Iran, Cuba, Syria, Sudan, North Korea or the Crimean Region of the Ukraine.

Steve can help you identify whether your proposed travel or research may fall under a license exemption. His written approval is required in advance of travel to protect you and the University against possible penalties. In addition, travel expenses will not be advanced or reimbursed without this approval.

If you have questions, I encourage you to contact Steve at or 724- 7072 for his expert guidance.