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Graduate School of Business

  • Jesper Sørensen, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, sorensen@stanford.edu, (650) 736-9687
  • Larry Wein, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, lwein@stanford.edu, (650) 724-1676
  • Amit Seru, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, aseru@stanford.edu, (650) 736-0223
  • Charlotte Toksvig, Assistant Dean, Academic Administration, ctoksvig@stanford.edu, (650) 721-2586

Doerr School of Sustainability

  • Jonathan Payne, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs,  jlpayne@stanford.edu,
    (650) 721-6723
  • Sue Crutcher, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs Officer, and COI Manager, crutcher@stanford.edu, (650) 724-1535

Graduate School of Education

School of Engineering

  • Professor Kenneth Goodson, Senior Associate Dean  for Faculty and Academic Affairs, School of Engineering, goodson@stanford.edu, (650) 725-2086
  • Jocelyn Blinn, Conflict of Interest and Commitment Specialist, jblinn@stanford.edu, (650) 724-6699

School of Humanities and Sciences

  • Professor Mary Beth Mudgett, Senior Associate Dean, Natural Sciences, mudgett@stanford.edu, (650) 723-3252
  • Professor Ran Abramitzky, Senior Associate Dean, Social Sciences, ranabr@stanford.edu, (650) 723-9276
  • Professor Gabriella Safran, Senior Associate Dean, Humanities and Arts, gsafran@stanford.edu, (650) 723-4414
  • Sonia Barragan, Executive Director for Research Administration barragan@stanford.edu, (650) 723-3569. 
  • Derek Brown, Conflict of Interest and Commitment and Export Control Manager, brownd@stanford.edu. All COI issues in H&S should initially be brought to the attention of Derek Brown.

School of Law

  • Professor Mark Kelman, Vice Dean, mkelman@stanford.edu, (650) 723-4069
  • Amy Applebaum, Academic and Faculty Affairs Officer, & COI Manager   amya@stanford.edu, (650) 723-3960

School of Medicine

  • Dr. Ruth O'Hara, Senior Associate Dean for Research, roh@stanford.edu, (650) 796-2720
  • Dr. Harry Greenberg, Associate Dean, Research/Conflict of Interest, hbgreen@stanford.edu, (650) 725-9722
  • Barbara Flynn, Director, Conflict of Interest Review Program, barbara.flynn@stanford.edu, (650) 723-7226
  • Shannon Shankle, Analyst, Conflict of Interest Review Program, sds@stanford.edu, (650) 723-0969


  • Saurabh Anand, Chief Laboratory Counsel, sanand3@stanford.edu,  (650) 926-8708
  • Professor JoAnne Hewitt, Chief Research Officer, hewett@slac.stanford.edu, (650) 926-4424
  • Professor Piero Pianetta, Deputy Research Officer, pianetta@stanford.edu (650) 926-3484

Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Research

  • David Studdert, Vice Provost and Dean of Research, studdert@stanford.edu
  • Cindy Kiel, Associate Vice Provost for Research Policy and Integrity, cindkiel@stanford.edu
  • Ronda Anderson, Director, Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment, rondaa@stanford.edu, 952-484-7790
  • Denise Hofer, Faculty and Academic Affairs Director & COI Manager, Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Research, dhofer@stanford.edu, (650) 724- 5398