How To

Use the eCertification System

How To

Certify Expenses in the eCertification System

  • Use Firefox or Chrome as your browser. Do not use IE.
  • Use your SUnet ID and password to log in
  • Data is role specific. Roles: faculty, principal investigator, individuals with a principal investigator waiver, research administrator, school overseer. Review and certification status is available to PIs Review status is available to their research administrators.
  • Progress is automatically saved and can be completed in multiple sessions.
  • Review and certification of project expenses in the eCertification system will be retained by central university staff.


Launch the System

Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers.  Do not use Internet Explorer.

Go to eCertification and login with your SUNet ID and password.  If you are accessing eCertification for the first time, you will be directed to a briefing prior to accessing the system.

Learn More

Visit the ORA website's eCertification web pages for additional system and role information, FAQs, and more.




eCertification Assistance

Please submit a Help Ticket to ensure you receive a quick response and assistance with the eCertification system.