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Get a PI Waiver

Eligibility to act as a principal investigator (PI) or co-principal investigator (Co-PI) on externally funded projects is a privilege limited to members of the Academic Council and to the University Medical Line (UML) faculty. This policy limitation is in place because PIs are responsible for determining the intellectual direction of the research and scholarship, and for the training of graduate students.

The designation of "PI" or "Co-PI" for any member of the Academic Staff, or other individual who is not a member of the University's Academic Council or UML faculty, requires specific approval by the relevant department chair, school dean and, in some cases, the Dean of Research.

There are three kinds of exceptions to the PI eligibility policy. The first and second deal with those situations in which exceptions may be granted by the department chair, and school dean or director of the SLAC National Laboratory if all of the prescribed conditions are in place. The third category of exception represents all other situations which require the approval of the department chair, school dean, and Dean of Research. Exceptions in this third category rarely will be granted.

Exceptions to the PI eligibility policy will be rare in situations other than those described  above. A written copy of any such requests, along with the justification and approvals of the sponsoring faculty member, the chair, school dean, and Dean of Research should accompany the sponsored project proposal submitted to the Office of Sponsored Research.

Read a full discussion of exceptions in RPH 2.1. Principal Investigator Eligibility and Criteria for Exception

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