How To

Certify on My Professional Outside Activities

OPACS certifies compliance with the Faculty Policy on Conflict of Commitment and Interest.

The system has been redesigned so information reported during previous years will not need to be re-entered. Upon certification of the annual disclosure, the data will remain in OPACS for future annual and transactional disclosures. To help with this process, a PDF of past annual disclosures can be downloaded from your OPACS dashboard.

This secure site allows members of the Academic Council and Medical Center Line (MCL) Faculty to certify and submit electronically their annual report on outside professional interests as required by University policy.

Annual certifcation on outside professional activities serves two major purposes. First, it provides each faculty member with a reminder about the University's policies in this important area. Second, it provides Stanford with an opportunity to review and document each faculty member's compliance with those policies.

Faculty may use the "OPACS Dashboard" button to enter or update their OPACS reports.

  • Frequently Asked Questions about the OPACS Application

    Addresses possible questions about the operation of this online reporting and certification application (called Outside Professional Activities Certification System, or OPACS). The answers are intended to help you quickly, easily, and accurately file your required annual report on and certification of compliance with the Faculty Policy on Conflict of Commitment and Interest

  • Tips for managing outside financial interests
    Guidance related to different situations in which a conflict of commitment or interest might be perceived