5.1 Property Management Forms and Documents


Forms and documents are listed below for easy reference. You can also find each of the forms in the Related Items section in the policy chapter it is associated with.


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Property Administrators Continuing Education (PACE) Presentations

PACE Meetings Property Administration Continuing Education (PACE) The quarterly PACE sessions should be attended by all Department Property Administrators (DPAs) as the meetings provide important update information and a mechanism for DPAs to give input to the property process. Attendance sheets for these sessions are used in departmental internal audits to ensure all staff are adequately trained and updated.

Below are presentations from previous PACE meetings:

PACE January 2017

PACE October 2015

PACE July 2016

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PMO-1000 Property Certification Class Presentation

The slide presentation from the PMO-1000 Property Certification Class is available here for reference:

PMO-1000 Property Certification Class Presentation

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