Export Controls: Restricted Party Screening


Stanford is responsible for ensuring that we do not unlawfully engage with persons or organizations who may jeopardize compliance with U.S. export controls and trade sanctions regulations, and for documenting our due diligence when complying with those regulations. A U.S. Government export license may be required before proceeding with a collaboration, appointment, or financial transaction when persons or organizations are identified on a U.S. Government Restricted Party List.  Additionally, Restricted Party Screening is used to identify persons and organizations that may present an elevated risk of undue foreign influence.

Access to the Restricted Party Screening Tool

The University has licensed Descartes' web-based export/trade sanctions compliance tool called Visual Compliance for campus-wide restricted party screening.  Visual Compliance is an on-line screening data base accessed remotely through Descartes' Visual Compliance portal. All Stanford employees with a legitimate business use will be provided access to a Visual Compliance account.  Account registration is a required element of that process.

Each School/Unit has a designated point of contact (“Division Manager”) who can assist with system registration.  Division Managers also serve as an escalation point of contact for Restricted Party Screen matches.  If you have a business need to conduct Restricted Party Screenings, you will need to contact your School/Unit’s Division Manager to request an account. The School/Unit contacts are identified in the "Listing of Division Managers" section below.  If you do not see your applicable Division Manager, please contact the VPDoR's Export Control Office.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):  Using the Restricted Party Screening Tool

The Office of the Dean of Research, in conjunction with the University Export Controls Working Group, has developed a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document to assist with Restricted Party Screening.

Listing of Division Managers 

School of Humanities and Sciences:  Sonia Barragan, barragan@stanford.edu

School of Sustainability:  Carey DeRafael, carey.derafael@stanford.edu

Graduate School of Business:  Nancy Heafey, nheafey@stanford.edu

Global Business Services:  Nazima Chowdhary, nazimac@stanford.edu

Industrial Contracts Office:  Tatiana Sorokina, tsorokin@stanford.edu

VPDOR Independent Laboratories, Centers and Institutes:  Miguel Hernandez, miguelh@stanford.edu

---- Freeman Spogli Institute: Megan Gorman, megorman@stanford.edu

Office of Development: Brooke Groves-Anderson, bgrovesa@stanford.edu

Center for Professional Development:  Marc Sanders, sandersm@stanford.edu

Graduate School of Education:  Rachel Knowles, rknowles@stanford.edu

Office of Research Administration:  Mich Pane, Senior Director, Office of Sponsored Research, michiko@stanford.edu 

Bing Overseas Studies Program:  Heather Gentner, Associate Director for Finance and Administration, lundy80@stanford.edu

School of Medicine:  James Eubank, Faculty Affairs Specialist, james.eubank@stanford.edu


If you have a legitimate business use for a Visual Compliance account and none of the Division Manager listings above apply to your position, please contact the Export Control Office.