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PIVOT (formerly COS) is a premier subscription database for locating funding opportunities to support research.  It maintains a database of grants, fellowships, and other funding information from public and private, domestic and international sources—for science, social sciences, humanities, and community outreach funding. Anyone with a SUnet ID can access the site while on campus.

If you login to Pivot from an off campus location, you will need to create a Pivot ID and password to access the site. Follow three simple steps to create your account. 

Step 1. Go to PIVOT

Step 2. Click Sign Up at upper right-hand corner. 

Step 3. Fill in all fields (use your Stanford email address).

You can watch this video to get tips on how to get started with PIVOT. More resources on PIVOT can be found here

Once you have created an account you can save and set up funding alerts tied to search terms you provide.

Finally, once you have found a funding opportunity that you or your faculty member want to apply for, you can initiate a proposal application in Cayuse 424 by simply clicking on the Cayuse button. Please note that not all applications are currently submitted via Cayuse so refer to this chart for further information. 

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