How To

Set Up a Cost Sharing PTA

If cost sharing is committed, i.e. proposed by Stanford and accepted by the sponsor, then it must be accounted for and tracked in a separate cost sharing PTA (Project Task Award). This cost sharing PTA will be automatically created, as needed, as part of the New PTA Setup at the time of a new award being issued and/or PTA Setup Amendment transactions in SeRA (Stanford Electronic Research Administration). 

Cost sharing tasks are given the designation of the 700 task series with budget and expense tied to the sponsored project period. In many instances, when the cost sharing funding source is coming from different schools/departments, or if there are multiple investigators whose cost sharing commitment needs to be tracked separately, multiple tasks can be set up to accommodate this complexity. Cost sharing PTAs will be listed on the SeRA Notice of Award along with the other PTAs set up in support of a particular sponsored project.

Use the SeRA Central Office Requests to set up a new Cost Sharing Award and Task if it was not set up at the time of the award.

For the purpose of identifying federal vs. non-federal and mandatory vs. voluntary cost sharing, four (4) Oracle Award Purpose codes are used: 





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Cost sharing PTAs are budgeted with the committed cost sharing appearing in the Expense Control column of the Monthly Expenditure Statement.