How To

Calculate and Charge Salary for Faculty on a 9 Month Appointment That Is Paid Over 12 Months

Stanford allows  faculty with an academic-year appointment (9 months) to have their salary paid out over 12 months.  However, the charge to a sponsor must reflect salary as it is earned, not as it is paid.  This becomes critical as salary allocations may change over the year as new awards are received, other awards terminate, or situations change.

In Labor Distribution in Oracle Financials the charge to the operating budget (or other unrestricted PTA) is reduced in order to charge the appropriate amount to the sponsor as the salary is earned.


A faculty member is on a 9-month, 100% FTE appointment for which she earns $90,000.  She has requested to be paid over 12 months.  She charges 20% of her salary to a grant, 50% to a gift fund, and the remaining 30% to the operating budget.  Her Labor Distribution Schedule in Oracle Financials (for the semi-monthly period) would show:

During 9-Month Academic Year

PTA Amount Calculation

Enter into Labor Distribution

October - June

 Grant $1,000 90,000/18 x 20% 26.7%
 Gift $1,875 90,000/24 x 50% 50%
Operating  Budget $875 90,000/24 x 30% less grant offset 24.3%
  ------------   ----------------------
  $3,750 90,000/24


During 3-Month Summer Period

PTA Amount Calculation

Enter into Labor Distribution

July - Sept

Grant --0-- None earned during summer 0%
Gift $1,875 90,000/24 x 50% 50%
Operating Budget $1,875 90,000/24 x 30% plus Grant offset 50%
  -------------   --------------------------
  $3,750 90,00/24 100%