How To

Access CITI RECR Training



  1. Go to the CITI website. You are in the page titled " Login through my Institution". Select Stanford University from the list.  

  2. You will be prompted to go through the Stanford web auth page.

  3. Select View Courses next to Stanford University

  4. CITI provides two different types of required training for Stanford personnel: training in the protection of human subjects in research, and training in the responsible conduct of research. "Learner Groups" will identify which of these curricular programs you want to take.

  5. After you submit information to identify yourself, you will see a page listing the different CITI curriculum options, called "groups," for Stanford.

  6. Scroll to 3. Responsible Conduct of Research, at the bottom of this page, and select the curricular track appropriate for you. The five choices are: Biomedical , Social and Behavioral Science , Physical Science , Humanities , and RECR for Engineers and Computer Scientists.


Do I have to complete the quizzes?

Several of the modules require a completion quiz. Where there is a required quiz, you must complete it with a score of at least 85% in order to have your completion of that module recorded.

What is a passing grade?

A grade of 85% or better is required to pass an RECR module quiz. If you do not achieve that score, you can retake the quiz (questions may be different) until you do.

Does my grade go on my Stanford transcript?

No. Module quiz scores are kept only within a database of CITI completions. Your completion of any of these tutorials is not recorded by the Office of the Registrar at Stanford University, and is not recorded on your University transcript.

I am funded by the NSF. When do I need to complete an RECR module?

Students who are funded by the National Science Foundation, e.g., students with NSF fellowships or paid as an RA on an NSF research project are required to complete the appropriate RECR module within the first quarter of their funding.