How to Prepare for Annual Payroll Distribution Certification With the PI’s Employee FYI Quarterly Payroll Distribution Report

How to prepare for Annual Payroll Distribution certification with the PI’s Employee FYI Quarterly Payroll Distribution Report

The first PI’s Employee FYI Quarterly Payroll Distribution Report will be emailed on August 13, 2013. The salaries reflected in the report are for the period January 1, 2013 - March 31, 2013. Adjustments made through July 31, 2013 affecting salary expenses in the report period will also be reflected.

  1. Get familiar with employee’s 100% payroll distribution displayed in dollars and as a percentage of total salary. Consider the following.
  • Verify that the correct employees are on the report. Keep in mind PIs, faculty and those with PI waivers will not appear on this report.
  • The payroll distribution percentages and dollar amounts are averages for the quarter, and the dollars are the sum of the amounts paid over the quarter.
  • Payroll distribution always equals 100% regardless of the number of hours worked or the percentage of the appointment.
  • The payroll distribution data is based on salary earned within the report period including adjustments to salary charges made prior to the run date of this report.
  • This report contains confidential salary information; do not share this report beyond your PI
  1. Don’t reconcile the dollar amounts, but do verify that the percentages are reasonable.
  2. Edit the task manager assignments if they are incorrect.
  • To make changes: go to, and select SU ePTA Maintenance.
  1. Update the task name(s) if that will make it easier for you and your PI to review the report.
  • To make changes to sponsored PTAs, contact your OSR post award accounting associate. Email Francine Davis if you need help locating your accounting associate.
  • To make changes to non-sponsored PTAs, follow directions on Fingate.
  1. You may request a reassignment for employees.
  • For grants with multiple PIs, you may request a reassignment of employees to the PI who has firsthand knowledge that the work was performed.
  • You may need to request a reassignment of employees whose salary is charged to multiple projects such as glassware washers, lab assistants and computer technicians to a supervisor who has firsthand knowledge that the work was performed. Send a request to Marilou Hemenway, (5-9107), or Maryland Hastie, (6-4728) to execute the reassignment.
  1. All task managers associated with the task owners will receive the same FYI reports. If you need to share the FYI reports with your PI via email, please add “secure:” in the subject line.
  2. Review the following with your PI.
  • The FYI report
    • Discuss the points in number 1 and 2 above.
    • This report does not require certification
  •  The email from Ann Arvin and Randy Livingston dated June 20, 2013 discussing the new regulatory requirement for annual payroll distribution certification.

Need help? Contact Sara Bible (3-9050), or Ken Schulz (5-1733).


To:       Stanford Research Community

From:  Ann Arvin, Vice Provost and Dean of Research

            Randy Livingston, Vice President for Business Affairs and CFO

Date:  June 20, 2013

Subject: New Regulatory Requirement for Annual Payroll Distribution Certification

The federal government is requiring Stanford to augment its certification of payroll charges to sponsored and non- sponsored activities. To satisfy this requirement, Stanford will add a process for annual certification of 100% of payroll charges for calendar year 2013 for each faculty, staff, academic staff researcher (ASR), student and postdoctoral scholar whose Stanford paid salary is charged in whole or in part to one or more of the following:

  • federally sponsored projects
  • subawards with a federal prime sponsor
  • cost sharing accounts for federally sponsored projects where Stanford is the subrecipient non-federally sponsored projects that incorporate Office of Management and Budget federal requirements (A-21)

Calendar year 2013 certification begins in spring 2014

Faculty and individuals with principal investigator (PI) waivers who have salary charged to any of the sources listed above will review and electronically certify their sponsored and non-sponsored payroll charges. PIs will also review and electronically certify the annual sponsored and non-sponsored payroll charges for each of their staff, and salaried students and postdoctoral scholars. Staff supervisors may need to review and certify certain non- sponsored salary charges for employees who report to them.

Preparing for the annual process begins in 2013

Two new reports will facilitate understanding of this new responsibility and process. These reports will reflect 100% of payroll charges for the 2013 spring academic quarter and are for informational purposes only. They will not require certification.

  1. Finance and/or research administrators will receive an employee FYI Quarterly Payroll Distribution Report for each PI they support beginning July or August 2013. (Faculty and their salaries are excluded from these reports.) They will review the reports with PIs.
  2. Faculty will receive their individual faculty FYI Quarterly Payroll Distribution Report beginning August 2013. Administrators will not receive this report.

Reviewing expenditure statements for sponsored projects

PIs will continue the current practice of reviewing and certifying quarterly expenditure statements for each of their sponsored projects. Staff will continue the current practice of reviewing the monthly expenditure statements and verifying their review by signing and dating the monthly statements through August 2013. Beginning in September 2013, staff will review the monthly expenditure statements and will verify their review by signing the quarterly expenditure statements.

Further communications and training will be provided regarding this new process. If you have questions about this new certification or your responsibilities, please contact Sara Bible at, Ken Schulz at or Patti McCabe at