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Lab introduces students to biomedical research tools

At the Vincent Coates Foundation Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, students learn to operate the same instruments researchers use to carry out groundbreaking studies.

A new way to see viruses in action

Stanford researchers revealed the replication process of SARS-CoV-2 using super-resolution microscopy, which may have applications for drug development.
Better techniques are needed to monitor changes in soil and surrounding ecosystems to support reforestation and inform decisions such as how to protect workers against toxins during revegetation. Here, crews plant seedlings in a burn scar in Colville National Forest in May 2019. | Joseph M. de Leon / U.S. Forest Service

Understanding how wildfires change soil could aid recovery

A new study finds broader surveillance and modeling of these changes could inform strategies for protecting lives, property, and natural resources, and managing wildlife.
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Research Communication from VPDoR for Chairs and Directors

May 13, 2024

In this month’s VPDoR Letter, I am sharing information on the following topics:

-Changes to NSF proposal and award requirements
-A short survey to gather information on online uses of the Research Policy -Handbook
-A call for C-ShaRP Experiential Learning proposals
-A Proofig course opportunity offered by Lane Medical Library

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