Sexual Harassment Policy Office

The Sexual Harassment Policy Office implements Stanford's policy, provides consultation, coordinates responses to concerns and educates the university community about sexual harassment and prevention. Whether you have a concern about someone else's or even your own behavior, the Sexual Harassment Policy Office or a sexual harassment adviser can help. Find a sexual harassment adviser here.

The Sexual Harassment Policy Office also provides access to mandated or required harassment prevention training for faculty, supervisors, and non-supervisors. California law AB1825 mandates that faculty and staff supervisors complete at least two hours of harassment prevention training every two years. All faculty members qualify as supervisors, as do all staff members who supervise other employees, even if they supervise student or temporary workers.  Individuals required to train will receive an invitation by email. All new non-supervisory staff and instructors are expected to complete the appropriate sexual harassment prevention training program within six months of employment.

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