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This course is part of Cardinal Curriculum Level II Certification. Take this course after completing DOR-1122 Subawards.  Please note, the Subaward Companion Workshop has been broken into two sessions : 1) Subawards from Proposal to Requisition Workshop - DOR-1503A and 2) Subaward Management Workshop - DOR-1503B.  Individuals must enroll and attend both sessions to receive course completion credit.

After you complete the Subawards (DOR-1122) course, we urge you to attend the two (2) 90 minute companion zoom workshops to extend and reinforce your subaward management knowledge.

In this zoom session, you will apply the concepts learned in the online course through a number of hands-on activities in a computer lab setting  and with the support and guidance of the instructors.

Created: 02.04.21
Updated: 09.02.21