Managing Sponsored Projects

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Time to Complete

Time to Complete

2 hours

This course is part of Cardinal Curriculum Level II Certification. Take this course after completing the Cardinal Curriculum Level I Certification program and ORA-1120 Proposal and Budget Preparation, ORA-1501 Proposal Preparation Companion Workshop, ORA-1502 Budget Preparation Companion Workshop, ORA-1121 The Award Process, and ORA-1504 The Award Process Companion Workshop.

This course is a summary. You will revisit the topics of proposal and budget preparation, the award process and review key points, best practices, resources, and tools used to manage multiple sponsored projects proactively and efficiently.

We divided the material into modules so you can fit the course into your life. You don’t have to read all the modules at once, although many people do. You can come and go in whatever way works for you. You can go back and review modules anytime before you take the final test to receive credit. You can audit the course material if you do not want to receive credit. It is always available as a desktop reference.

How to Get The Most From This Course

To begin learning, read the Learning Objectives at the beginning of the course. Answer the self-assessment questions at the beginning of each module to find gaps in your knowledge of the topics covered in that module.

Read the information in each module at your own pace. Go back as many times as you like to review if you don't understand. Answer the questions in the sections titled Check for Understanding. Keep a list of questions to take to the workshop.


  1. Managing Sponsored Projects: Introduction

  2. Managing Sponsored Projects: Know the PI's Portfolio

  3. Managing Sponsored Projects: Create a Proposal Budget

  4. Managing Sponsored Projects: Receive the Award

  5. Managing Sponsored Projects: Spending and Monitoring

  6. Managing Sponsored Projects: Closeout of the Award

  7. Managing Sponsored Projects: Final Test