How To

Comply With Export Control Regulations When Hiring a Foreign National to Work at Stanford Under an H1-B Visa


In order to comply with USCIS export licensing assessment requirements, DoR and Bechtel International Center have teamed up to incorporate an export control questionnaire ("Deemed Export Questionnaire") within Bechtel's H1-B Workflow.  

Because of the elevated compliance risk associated with export control matters, the Dean of Research has determined that only members of the Professorate, defined as University Tenure Line (UTL), Non-Tenure Line (NTL), and Medical Center Line (MCL) faculty, recalled Emeriti and those granted PI status by an approved waiver, can be granted authority to serve as H1-B Deemed Export Questionnaire respondents.  The only exception is that, for Regular Staff and Bargaining Unit employee positions, respondent authority can only be granted to HRM3s or HRM4s (HR managers at Level 3 or 4), SoM DFAs, or those who have been identified by DoR/UHR as being the Senior HR-associated administrator for their unit.

When hiring a foreign national to work at Stanford under an H1-B visa, the authorized Deemed Export Questionnaire respondent must: 

  1. Review information about Stanford’s H1-B Deemed Export Certification.

  2. Complete ORA-1130 as a one-time requirement. 

  3. Submit the required Deemed Export Questionnaire found within Bechtel’s H1-B Workflow.