Industrial Contracts

If your research will involve interactions with or funding from industry, or if you need data or other research materials from labs outside Stanford or want to send data or other research materials from Stanford,  the Industrial Contracts Office (ICO) will help with the process. ICO negotiates and signs sponsored research, and related research agreements with industry, and material transfers with all types of entities. Industry clinical trial agreements are handled in the Research Management Group.  


For more information about Industrial Contracts, please visit their website:

Research Agreements

ICO negotiates and signs sponsored research and related research agreements with industry, as well as data transfers and material transfers with all types of entities. Industry clinical trial agreements, however, are handled by the RMG in the School of Medicine. ICO negotiates a variety of research contracts from multi-year master research agreements covering many projects, to smaller one-time research projects, with companies large and small. ICO also handles agreements for industry affiliates programs. 

The Industrial Contracts Office website outlines the processes for finalizing the following types of agreements: 

  • Sponsored Research Agreements 
  • Amendments to existing agreements 
  • Research Collaboration Agreements 
  • Confidentiality Agreements 
  • Data Transfer Agreements 
  • Equipment Loans from Industry 
  • Human Tissue Transfer Agreements 
  • Material Transfer Agreements 
  • Software Licenses from Industry 
  • Industry Affiliates Agreements 


Data Agreements

Access to large data sets is a key component of research at Stanford. Often, the data providers or recipients require the researcher or Stanford to sign a written or online agreement. Data agreements are different from Material Transfer Agreements, which generally involve the transfer of tangible laboratory materials such as reagents, cell lines or mice.

Stanford’s research contracting and purchasing offices can answer questions and help researchers navigate agreements for incoming or outgoing data:

  • Agreements with industry should be sent to the Industrial Contracts Office

  • Agreements with government or non-profit entities are handled by the Office of Sponsored Research 

  • Agreements to purchase or store data are handled by the Procurement Office

For more information on handling data agreements and who may sign them, please see the February 2015 memo from the Vice Provost and Dean of Research.



Katharine Ku – Executive Director

Glennia Campbell – Director

Stefani Shek – Associate Director

Tatiana Sorokina - Senior Industrial Contracts Officer

Lisa Chen - Industrial Contracts Officer

Brian Huang - Industrial Contracts Officer

Jaysen Rajkomar - Industrial Contracts Officer 

Van Dinh – Administrative Associate

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