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Through our proposal development support, RDO seeks to enhance the competitiveness of proposals while reducing the burden on PIs. 

RDO's approach

In order to maximize the impact of our services, RDO’s support model seeks to …

  • Partner with PIs: Since the best proposals are PI-driven, Research Development Specialists partner with the PI on the proposal’s content to maximize its chances of funding success. 
  • Complement and collaborate with local support: RD Specialists typically collaborate with Research Administrators, the Office of Sponsored Research, and other proposal team members to support the PI throughout the proposal development process. For more on how our services complement additional support available to PIs, see our FAQs
  • Tailor services to the PI’s needs: Every grant opportunity, timeline, and project team are different, and Research Development Specialist availability likewise varies. The proposal development support we provide is therefore highly tailored. 

Feel free to reach out to us at stanford_rdo@stanford.edu to talk more about your specific project and how we can best support you. 

Suite of Proposal Development Services

Suite of RDO Proposal Development Services

[The image above details RDO's proposal development services. Click here for an accessible version.]