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Stanford Partnership with DOE and SLAC

On an oak-studded hillside a mere two miles from Stanford University lies the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC). Run by Stanford for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), SLAC is home to a 2-mile-long linear accelerator, a synchrotron and the world’s most powerful X-ray laser. Experiments there probe everything from the most intricate molecular details of artwork or cellular structures to the origins of the universe and materials for better batteries. SLAC's scientific mission has diversified from an original focus on particle physics and accelerator science to include cosmology, materials and environmental sciences, biology, chemistry and alternative energy research.

SLAC is one of 17 DOE national laboratories that tackle the critical scientific challenges of our time. The most comprehensive research system of its kind in the world, DOE labs take a multidisciplinary approach to translating basic science into innovation. As one of 10 labs stewarded by the DOE Office of Science – the nation’s biggest supporter of basic research in the physical sciences – SLAC supports the office’s mission in the development, construction and operation of unique, open-access scientific user facilities.

The relationship between SLAC and Stanford goes back 60 years, to a meeting where Stanford physicists helped plot construction of the linear accelerator. Since that time, collaborations between Stanford and SLAC scientists contributed to four Nobel prizes in physics and chemistry. Now their proximity supports several joint research centers and institutes and creates unparalleled opportunities for Stanford faculty and students to investigate the world we live in and solve real-world challenges.

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Board of Oversight

The President of Stanford appoints the SLAC Board of Oversight and charges them with providing comprehensive and independent oversight of SLAC’s mission, science and operations for the University and DOE. The Board’s role is to provide guidance, oversight and advice to the President of Stanford and SLAC management with respect to the scientific and technical direction of SLAC and its long-range objectives, laboratory operations, budget and facility plans, land use, outreach, technology transfer, personnel matters and risk management, as well as the relationship with DOE.

The Board operates through four standing committees chaired by senior Stanford officials associated with the committee’s functional areas as noted below, with the exception of the Scientific Programs Committee. This committee Chair is nominated by the Laboratory Director, approved by the Board Chair and invited to serve on the Scientific Programs Committee by the President of Stanford. Committee Chairs and the Board Chair appoint leaders from peer national laboratories, universities, and Stanford to serve as committee members.

Board Membership

Persis Drell

Persis Drell

Stanford University Provost and Chair of the Board of Oversight

Kathryn Ann Kam Moler headshot

Kathryn Moler

Stanford University Vice Provost and Dean of Research

Raina Rose Tagle

Raina Rose Tagle

Senior Associate Vice President and Chief Risk Officer; Chair, Business, Technology, Audit & Compliance Committee

Russell Furr

Russell Furr

Stanford University Associate Vice Provost for Environmental Health & Safety; Chair, Operations Committee

Elizabeth Zacharias headshot

Elizabeth Zacharias

Stanford University Vice President of Human Resources; Chair, Human Resources and Communications Committee 

John Sarrao

John Sarrao

Los Alamos National Laboratory Deputy Director Science, Technology, and Engineering; Chair, Scientific Programs Committee

Debra Zumwalt

Debra Zumwalt

Stanford University Vice President and General Counsel

Saurabh Anand Headshot

Saurabh Anand

Stanford University Chief Laboratory Counsel; Board Secretary

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Other Key Stanford and SLAC Contacts

Stephen Streiffer Photo

Stephen Streiffer

Interim Laboratory Director, SLAC

Ryan Adesnik headshot

Ryan Adesnik

Stanford University Vice President, Government Affairs

Farnaz Khadem headshot

Farnaz Khadem 

Stanford University Vice President for University Communications

Susan Stayn

Susan Stayn

Deputy General Counsel for Research and Medicine

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