US Trade Sanctions Requirement Memo from Ann Arvin


Subject: US Trade Sanctions on Crimea, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan and North Korea - Stanford University Notification, Review and Pre-­Approval Requirement

Date:      Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 1:40:14 PM Pacific Standard Time

From:      Patti McCabe (sent by abc-­research <abc-­research-­>)

To:           abc-­

Sent on behalf of Ann Arvin, Vice Provost and Dean of Research:

During Stanford’s Winter Closure period, the US Government imposed comprehensive trade sanctions against the Crimean territory of the Ukraine. The US Department of the Treasury now requires export licenses for the export or import of ALL goods, services, or technology to or from the Crimea, with the exception of certain agricultural commodities, medicine, and medical supplies. The Crimea joins Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan and North Korea as destinations for which export licenses are required in most circumstances for any trade or financial activity.

The Dean of Research Office would like to remind the Stanford research community that Stanford’s Export Control Office must be contacted for an export license review in advance of any export, import or any other economic or research ac+vity involving the Crimea. Export, import or other economic or research activity involving the Crimea must be pre-­‐approved by the Export Control Office.   This policy is consistent with RPH 8.1 (“Export Controls – Applicability, Policy Background, and Authority”).

As a reminder, this policy continues to apply for exports, imports or other economic or research activity involving Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan or North Korea.

If you have questions, please contact the Export Control Office.