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A picture of Neale Mahoney

Neale Mahoney named director of Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research

Mahoney aims to continue the legacy of the institute’s impact through continued connections of its talented people with policy leaders at the state, national, and global levels.
Ellen Kuhl near the Stanford Bio-X building

Ellen Kuhl named director of Stanford Bio-X

Kuhl aims to continue Bio-X’s legacy of facilitating multidisciplinary fundamental research and innovation.

Sushant Mahajan on the eclipse and other solar events

A Stanford solar astrophysicist discusses what’s so special about the upcoming eclipse and how solar phenomena affect our lives on Earth.
Stanford ChEM-H Building


Research Communication from VPDoR for Chairs and Directors

March 6, 2024

This month, I am sharing updates on the following topics:

- Neale Mahoney named next director of SIEPR
- A 2024 VPDoR Priority: Research Agreements Project
- Clarification of Indirect Costs (IDC) Rate’s application to remote work
- Sherlock storage expansion
- Marsh O’Neill Award nominations

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