The Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Research (VPDoR) is committed to supporting Principal Investigators in their pursuit of large and collaborative externally sponsored research grants. To that end, we offer a variety of types of support for qualifying projects, including Propel Grants, Grant Boosters, and Research Development support.

The Propel Grants and Grant Booster are administered by the Stanford Research Development Office (RDO) under VPDoR. RDO aims to strengthen collaborative or strategic research and scholarly activities by helping to set teams up for funding success through project-opportunity alignment, early preparation, and proposal development support.

RDO's Thought Starter: Stanford Institutional Support for Large, Strategic Grant Proposals - a list of support that may be appropriate for large, strategic proposals that are beyond the usual scale for a given discipline. Contains notes on how to start the conversations necessary to secure different types of institutional support, relevant policies set by the University, and other factors to consider.

The Community of Shared Research Platforms (c-ShARP) Voucher Program provides up to $10,000 to enable Faculty at Stanford to explore, access and use services offered in an extensive network of shared facilities. The FY24 call closed on October 27, 2023. Please check back for the FY25 call and contact Claudius Mundoma ( if you have questions.

We invite you to contact us at for more information about how Stanford RDO can help you.