3.4 Direct Costs: Travel

1. Travel

Travel and its relation to the proposed activities must be specified, itemized and justified by destination and cost. Funds may be requested for field work, attendance at meetings and conferences, and other travel associated with the proposed work, including subsistence. In order to qualify for support, however, attendance at meetings or conferences must be necessary to accomplish proposal objectives, or disseminate its results. 

Summarize travel costs in the budget. Separate foreign and domestic travel.In the Budget justification

Document how the travel benefits the sponsored project. It is important to note that federal sponsors require air travel on U.S.-owned air carriers. Include the following.

  • Describe and list each trip separately
  • Distinguish between foreign and domestic travel
  • Person traveling, purpose, and duration of trip
  • Transportation costs to and from destination
  • Per diem costs or actual projection for room and board
  • Ground transportation costs
  • Other expenses as determined by the statement of work

 Federal sponsors require air travel on US owned air carriers



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