3.8 Direct Costs: Tuition Allowance

1. Tuition Allowance

Tuition allowance for graduate student RAs (Research Assistants) must be charged to the project where the graduate students' effort is charged. Each school has their own tuition rate.

  • Non-School of Medicine: Charge 60% of full tuition allowance directly to the project; the balance is the University’s contribution. This is not cost sharing.
  • School of Medicine: Charge 81% of full tuition directly to the project

TAL (Tuition Allowance), is the tuition component of an assistantship compensation package. The cost of TAL is shared between Stanford general funds and school, department, and/or sponsored project funds providing the assistantship. TAL is paid for a full quarter. We cannot bill the government for expenses if the corresponding service has not been provided. In other words, we cannot be reimbursed for tuition by a government sponsor until the end of the term but tuition allowance is provided to the student at the beginning of the term.

Include this language in the budget justification:  "OMB memorandum M-01-06, dated January 5, 2001, Clarification of OMB A-21 Treatment of Voluntary Uncommitted Cost Sharing and Tuition Remission Costs, is incorporated into the Uniform Guidance (200.306 (4)(k)) and allows Stanford University to charge tuition allowance directly for Graduate Research Assistants working on sponsored projects. Tuition for a 50% time research assistant equals 10 units and XX% of that is included."

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