NIH: A Guided Tour

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PI and research team, Administrators
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3 hours
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Angelika O'Brien
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4/23/2108  Course in currently being updated! Check back later.


Course Summary

This course introduces you to the information, tools, and the process of preparing and submitting grant applications to the NIH (National Institutes of Health), one of Stanford's largest sponsors.

*Elective for a Cardinal Curriculum Level 2 Certificate

Work at Your Own Pace

We divided the material into modules so you can fit the course into your life. You don’t have to read all the modules at once, although many people do. You can come and go in whatever way works for you. You can go back and review modules anytime before you take the final test to receive credit. You can audit the course material if you do not want to receive credit. It is always available as a desktop reference.

How to Get the Most Out Of This Course

To begin learning, use the navigation menu on the right side of every page where each module is listed. Read the learning objectives. Answer the self-assessment questions at the beginning of each module to find gaps in your knowledge of the topics covered in that module. 

Read the information in each module at your own pace. Go back as many times as you like to review if you don't understand. Answer the questions in the sections titled Check for Understanding.

Open the links and documents in the Related Items section located at the bottom of each training page. This will help you get familiar with the DoResearch website which is the most comprehensive resource for research administration at Stanford. Research administration is complicated, so knowing where to get current accurate information that is vetted by the University is key. Subject matter experts from all parts of the University contribute and update content daily. The website is sponsored by the Dean of Research.


  1. NIH  A Guided Tour: Introduction
  2. NIH A Guided Tour: Application Process
  3. NIH  A Guided Tour: Complete an Application
  4. NIH  A Guided Tour: Budget Preparation
  5. NIH  A Guided Tour: Proposal Submission and Review
  6. NIH  A Guided Tour: Post Award and Closeout
  7. NIH  A Guided Tour: Final Test

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