5.6 Subawards

1. PI Responsibilities

The Stanford PI’s signature on the invoice is required to certify that he/she approves payment of the invoice, attests that the charges appear reasonable and that progress to date on the subaward is satisfactory and in keeping with the statement of work. Subaward invoices require the following statement to accompany the PI’s signature:  “In signing below I approve payment of this invoice and attest that the charges appear reasonable, and progress to date on this project is satisfactory and in keeping with the SOW (Statement of Work).

Before signing an invoice the PI should:

  • Verify costs are incurred within the period of performance.
  • Ensure expenses are aligned with technical progress and approved budget.
  • Verify any required cost sharing is appropriately included.
  • Ensure technical progress is being made according to schedule
  • Ensure the sub-recipient is meeting reporting requirements
  • Ensure required prior approvals are obtained
  • Modify the subaward (add money, time) as appropriate

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2. When not to Approve Invoices

If technical or financial reports or other deliverables or milestones are delinquent, subaward invoices should not be approved.

You cannot approve an invoice if there is insufficient detail to confirm costs are:

  • Allowable,
  • Allocable, and
  • Reasonable

It is critical to notify OSR & the sub-recipient immediately if you cannot approve an invoice.

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