1.2 The Big Picture

1. Award Process: Roles and Responsibilities

Below is a table of the main responsibilities of the members of the research team during each phase of the award process. We will discuss these responsibilities in detail later in the course.


  • PI (Principal Investigator),
  • Department RA (Research Administrator)
  • IO (Institutional Official)
  • Department PTA Manager (may be the same as the RA)

Central Offices:

  • Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • ICO (Industrial Contracts Office)
  • OSR (Office of Sponsored Research) Preaward  for all schools except School of Medicine
  • OSR Post Award (Account Setup) all schools
  • PMO (Property Management Office)
  • RMG (Research Management Group) in the School of Medicine

Award Phase

Responsibilities For Each Role


After proposal submission

The PI, RA, and IO monitor the proposal status using the sponsor's website.

The PI and research team initiate compliance training & protocol requirements.

The RA monitor completion of training compliance requirements and protocol submission in anticipation that the sponsor issues an award.

If the PI needs to spend before an award is accepted, and the sponsor allows it, the PI provides a guarantee account. The RA initiates a request for an early PTA. OSR completes the setup in Oracle.

Use the Awarding Agency Website to locate specific regulations, policies and procedures





Award acceptance

The IO from the appropriate central office reviews the award agreement sent by the sponsor. The IO negotiates the award agreement if it does not meet all Stanford and PI requirements:

  • RMG in  the School of Medicine – grants without special conditions & industry sponsored clinical trials 
  • OSR, Non-industry sponsored grants (except SOM),  grants with special conditions, contracts, cooperative agreements, subawards and subcontracts for all schools
  • ICO Industrial Contracts

The IO signs the award agreement to indicate it is accepted and meets all Stanford and PI requirements.


View chart Quick Links to Which Office Will Handle Your Agreements

Email from the sponsor

University Policies: Research Policy Handbook, Administrative Guide, Faculty Handbook, Graduate Academic Policies & Procedures, Property Management Manual, Service Center Manual, Space Inventory, University-Wide Policy Documents


Account Setup


The SeRA System generates the AAN (Award Approval Notification) to the PI, the Department PTA Manager, PMO if applicable, Accounts Receivable, and Account Setup. 

The RA reads and understand the award T&C (Terms & Condition) as well as additional T&C incorporated by reference

Oracle PTA Setup Email

The Department PTA Manager will receive an email from Oracle subject: Action Required: Prepare/Edit SeRA PTA Account Setup Form. She must click the link complete the pre-setup information. The RA requests PTAs to facilitate managing the award. And requests Peer Tasks as needed.

OSR completes the final PTA setup in Oracle. 


The SeRA NOA (Notice of Award) email to the PI, RA, IO, Department PTA Manager, PMO, AR is triggered. It Contains a list of the PTA(s), and a link to the final NOA


Awarding Agency Website


Award Spending

The PI and RA spend, code and approve the award financial transactions in compliance.

The RA charges the correct PTA in Oracle.

The Early PTA becomes the project PTA if it was obtained for pre-award spending.

RPH, Admin  Guide, Faculty Handbook

Cardinal Curriculum, PI Training,



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