Required and elective courses for individuals whose job includes research administration.

Namesort descending Number
iLab for Stanford Administrators DOR-6001
All Finance Courses FIN
Award Process DoR 1121 DOR-1121
CRISP User Guide DOR-1301 User Guide
CRISP Video Tutorials and FAQs
Department Property Administrator Training PMO - 1000
DPA Property Certification Program ORA-PROG-1300
eCertification System Hands-On Workshops for School Overseers and Task Managers DoR - 1600
EH&S Training Opportunities EHS
Environmental Health & Safety Training Advisor EHS
Expenditure Statement Reconciliation and Review FIN-0160
Export Controls: An Overview ORA-1130
FUNDamentals of Funds: Introduction to Funds Management FIN-0170
Gift Administration at Stanford DOR-1128 A Guided Tour DOR-1215
Human Research Subjects and Good Clinical Practice CITI
Introduction to iJournals FIN-0210
iSpace Confidentiality Agreement FOPS-1000
Managing Sponsored Projects DOR-1126
NIH K Award Application Workshop DOR-1219
NIH NRSA Fellowships DOR-1218
NIH The Big Picture Video DOR-01
NSF: A Guided Tour
Overview of Research and the Regulatory Environment DOR-1102
Overview of Research and the Regulatory Environment: Companion Workshop DoR 1103 DOR-1103
Overview of Stanford University Service Center Policies & Practices DOR-1125
Privacy and Security Training SUPST
Proposal and Budget Preparation DoR 1120 DOR-1120
Proposal and Budget Preparation: Companion Workshop 1 - Proposal Preparation DOR-1501
Proposal and Budget Preparation: Companion Workshop 2 - Budget Preparation DOR-1502
Sexual Harrasssment Prevention Training SUHT
Space Inventory Certification Training ORA-1403
Spectrum Education
Subawards DOR-1122
Subawards Companion Workshop DOR-1503
The Award Process Companion Workshop DOR-1504
The Clinical Trials Ecosystem at Stanford for CRISP Users DOR-1301
Understanding Cost Policy DOR-1101