Sponsored Research Forms, Systems and Checklists

This section contains common Stanford forms (paper or digital) used in research administration. Information on the use of these forms can be found in the Start-Manage-Close section of the Research Administration Page of this website.

SeRA Proposal Development Routing Form

For Proposals submitted through the Office of Sponsored Research

The electronic Proposal Development and Routing Form (PDRF) is used to collect and route all the proposal documents, approvals and waivers necessary for review and endorsement by Stanford University. PIs and administrators are required to use the PDRF which is accessed through the Stanford Electronic Research Administration (SeRA) system. 

Review and Approvals

The Principal Investigator’s review and approval collected in the PDRF provides certifications required by government agencies, and an agreement to comply with Stanford and sponsor policies.

Departmental review and approvals confirm financial commitments made in a proposal, and that stated personnel and facilities are available to carry out the project. Other required special approvals are also documented.

Review and Endorsement

The Institutional Official (IO) reviews the information contained in the PDRF to endorse the proposal. The IO submits the endorsed proposal to the sponsor on behalf of Stanford University.

For Proposals submitted through the School of Medicine's Research Management Group (RMG)

the PI/ department should complete a Proposal Intake Form (PIF) in SeRA and submit to RMG for intake and processing (recommended at least 30 days in advance of the sponsor deadline). The Research Process Manager (RPM) will then follow up with a draft budget, internal deadlines, and proposal guidance as needed. 

Note: the PIF process excludes SOM postdoc fellowships and industry sponsored clinical trials.



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F&A Waiver Request

Facility and Administrative (Indirect Cost) Waiver Request Form  is used to request a F&A Waiver. This form should be submitted as soon as you know that a Facility and Administrative (F&A) waiver may be needed for the submission of a sponsored project proposal.

Learn about your your school's procedure and timeline here.


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Set-up or Modify PTAs

PTA  System/Form/Procedure

New, Extended, Amend, Early Account

Sponsored PTA Manager Early Account Request Guide

Sponsored PTA Manager New Account Guide

Sponsored PTA Manager Amendments Guide

Sponsored PTA Manager Extended Account Request Guide

Sponsored PTA Setup Matrix

Budget Reallocation Budget Reallocation
Create an New Task for an Existing PTA New Task
New Fabrication of Capitol Equipment  Project and Task New Fabrication Project - Task
Sponsored Research Project PTA Attribute Changes  Modify PTA Attribute
New Cost Sharing Award and Task New Cost Share Project Task
New Program Income New Program Income Award
OSR Overdraft Cost Sharing Request

SeRA Central Office Request - New Overdraft Cost Sharing Award

Request for Expenditure Allocation PTA 

Request for Expenditure Allocation PTA form

SeRA Central Office Request forms  

SeRA Central Office Request Overview













Pre Award Central Office Requests - you need to tell/ask the sponsor something  
  Check Next Funding Increment Status
  No Cost Extension Request
  Sponsor Approval for Carry Forward
  Sponsor Approval for Changing PI
  Sponsor Approval for Equipment Purchase
  Sponsor Approval for Key Personnel Change
  Sponsor Approval for New Subaward
  Sponsor Approval for PI Effort Change
  Sponsor Approval for Rebudgeting
  Sponsor Approval for SOW Change
  Sponsor Approval for Travel
Non Sponsored PTA  System/Form/Procedure
 PTA Set-up Request for non-sponsored PTAs

Quick Steps: Request New PTA

Capital Accounting and Fund Accounting

Service Center PTA Request Form 

Changes to ROLE-related attributes for Principal Owner

Mass changes to PTAs

 PTA Manager

Changes to Org Codes Contact your school accountant  


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Subaward Forms and Checklists

 Form Name

Form Number

 Subrecipient Commitment Form

OSR Form 33

Invoice Form (Attachment C)

OSR Form 34

 Sole Source/Fair and Cost/Price Analysis

OSR Form 45

Annual Subrecipient A-133 Certification

OSR Form 47



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No Cost Extension

SeRA Central Office Request for No Cost Extension

To request a No Cost Extension submit a Central Office Request in SeRA

Please do not submit a SeRA Central Office Request if:

(a)  You already have an official award/agreement amendment or modification from the sponsor and want to extend the award period of performance. Forward the agreement amendment or modification to:

Research Management Group:  rmg_award_intake@stanford.edu  for all School of Medicine (SoM) grants or cooperative agreements

Research Management Group - Clinical Trials:  rmg_ct_intake@stanford.edu  for clinical trial agreements

Industrial Contracts Office:  ico@stanford.edu  for all industry funded agreements

Office of Sponsored Research:  osr_intake@stanford.edu  for agreements except SoM grants/cooperative agreements (RMG), clinical trial agreements (RMG-CT), direct industry funded agreements (ICO).

(b)  You want to follow up on a no-cost extension request (contact the person directly who submitted the request, or find out the status of the request by searching in SeRA by the request transaction ID or SPO number), or

(c)   Contact the appropriate Institutional Official from the Office of Sponsored Research, Research Management Group or Industrial Contracts Office assignment tables.


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