Stanford Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience Laboratory

The Stanford Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience Laboratory (SCSNL), led by Dr. Vinod Menon, aims to transform the global landscape of psychiatry research and human health and wellness. Leveraging expertise in neuroscience, statistics, engineering, computer science, psychology, psychiatry, and neurology, researchers in the lab use advanced multimodal brain imaging techniques, novel computational and statistical methods, and clinical-behavioral assays to investigate the architecture, function, and development of the human brain in psychiatric and neurological disorders. Clinical disorders currently under investigation include learning disabilities, autism, ADHD, anxiety and mood disorders, and schizophrenia.


1070 Arastradero Rd. Suite 220
Palo Alto, CA 94304
United States
T: (650) 736-0128
F: (650) 736-7200