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The Learn More topics provide background information for the eCertification System for Quarterly Review and Certification. You can access the topics here and in the system (for task managers and PIs only).

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Explain the PIs role in project expenditure review and certification.

PI's confirm that all expenditures charged to an account are allowable, allocable to the project, and reasonable. This cannot be delegated. See RPH 3.2 Management of Project Expenditures

Explain the Task Manager’s role in project expenditure review.

See DoResearch

Show me Stanford Policy on Quarterly Review and Certification of Project Expenditures.

Stanford Policy

When can the PI begin Review and Certification?

The PI can begin to review and certify as soon as the Research Administrator has completed and documented their review of quarterly expenditures in the eCertification System.

Explain “view 100% payroll”.

Click the View 100% payroll link on the home page or the account detail page. View 100% of payroll for yourself and non-faculty personnel. Confirm that the salary charged is reasonable in relation to the work performed and to the individual’s total payroll distribution.

100% payroll is based on Stanford Base Salary and includes compensation for time spent on research, teaching and or other activities. It includes regular and supplemental salary. It does not include:

  • Honorarium
  • Vacation accrual
  • Bonus payment
  • Extra compensation e.g., faculty housing allowance, tuition reimbursement, income earned outside of your Stanford responsibilities such as  consulting payments

Explain Quarter - to - Date expenditure data.

You can use this feature to review expenditures as they post to your PTA. Data is refreshed nightly.

Explain why some PTAs have “Review Not Tracked” and “Cert Not Required” in the status column.

Stanford policy requires all PTAs including non-sponsored PTAs to be reviewed monthly. However, the policy does not require the research administrator to document their review in the eCertification system for the following projects.

  • Fellowship awards
  • Financial Aid Office Sponsored funded Student-Aid\
  • University Research
  • Cost-Sharing Overdrafts
  • Non-Salary threshold +/- 100
  • Project with no transactions

Explain how to initiate an adjustment from this system.

You can initiate an adjustment for most non-salary and non-capital transactions. From the Account Details page, open the left-hand menu by clicking the Hand icon.

  • Click Search & Adjust to view all transferable expenditures
  • Select the expenditures you wish to adjust by clicking the checkbox on the right
  • Select PTA Adjust All PTA’s or PTA Adjust by line(s)
    • Adjust All PTA’s enables all selected PTAs to be adjusted in mass to one receiving PTA. 
    • PTA Adjust by line(s) allows you to adjust each expenditure to a unique PTA
  • Select the receiving  PTA to transfer the expenditure
    • Begin to type the first three letters of the award then select the correct award, then select the correct task and award from the drop-down list
  • Prepare a complete justification for the adjustment
  • You must go the ijournal public in Oracle to route each transaction individually

Explain what will be displayed when I click the PTA information icon.

The award terms and conditions are displayed.

Explain commitments in the eCertification system.

Commitments are expected costs associated with future transactions. They are the same in Oracle. For details go to Fingate.

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