School of Medicine

PI Waivers without PI Eligibility

The designation of PI or Co-PI for any member of the Academic Staff, or other individual who is not a member of the University's Academic Council or MCL (Medical Center Line) faculty, requires specific approval by the relevant department chair, school dean, and in some cases the Dean of Research.

Who can be Designated Associate Investigator?

The following individuals can be "Associate Investigators" on sponsored projects: Members of the Academic Staff-Teaching (AS-T, Lecturers, and Sr. Lecturers); Academic Staff-Research (AS-R, Research Associate); Senior Research Scientists

Who can be Designated  Co-Investigators?

Senior members of the Academic Staff-Research may also be designated by their Academic Council or MCL faculty supervisors as "Co-Investigators" on those externally-funded projects in which the senior AS-R members carry substantial roles.

View the RMG site for Criteria, Information and Templates on PI Waivers in the School of Medicine.