School of Humanities and Sciences

If an individual wants to act as a Principal Investigator (PI) on a sponsored project and is not a member of the Academic Council, a PI waiver can be requested.  Following is the procedure for requesting PI waivers. 


School of Humanities and Sciences Procedure for Requesting a PI Waiver

PI Waiver Request Type

Request Procedure 

  • Conference, Workshop, Travel, etc.

  • Part of a Larger Interdisciplinary Program

  • Career Development

  • Early PIship

  • Initiated by the sponsoring Academic Council member and pre-approved by department chair and business manager.

  • Waiver request should be emailed to Martha Langill, Research Administration Compliance Analyst in the School of Humanities & Sciences Dean's Office, who will preview and forward to the appropriate Sr. Associate Dean for approval.

  • Upon approval, the approval will be sent to the appropriate department administrator who will attach it to the PDRF in SeRA.

  • Waivers must include the following information: 


name, degree, current appointment, and waiver exception category (such as Career Development Award),  current CV or Biosketch.


name, with program announcement or URL   preferred.


that the project will be conducted in existing laboratory space assigned to the department and that incremental space will not be required.

Rare exceptions meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Meets a Stanford programmatic need.

  2. The proposed research cannot be funded unless the proposed individual is the PI.

  3. The proposed PI qualifications meet University standards.

  4. Space is not required.

  5. Each involved graduate student is identified with an Academic Council member.

  6. The research can be discontinued with the end of programmatic need or if the sponsoring faculty member is no longer available.

Same as above plus: 

  • Upon review and recommendation by the appropriate Sr. Associate Dean, the request is then forwarded to the Dean of Research office for final approval.

  • Upon approval, waiver will be sent to the appropriate administrator to attach to the Proposal Development and Routing Form (PDRF) in Stanford's electronic Research Administration (SeRA) system.