Property Management Office (PMO)

The Property Management Office (PMO) is responsible for property (capital assets) administration.  PMO implements property management policy, procedures, online systems, and training, to maintain an effective, compliant asset life cycle property system.  Capital assets include those owned by Stanford, the Federal Government, as well as other Sponsors.

PMO identifies the availability of equipment for research use; facilitates recording and tracking of asset records, including maintenance and warranty information; calculates depreciation; and issues reports to management and sponsors.

PMO manages physical inventory of capital and sponsor-owned assets, which includes meeting with department personnel, scanning all assets located in University space and off campus.  In addition, PMO is the liaison with property auditors and provides guidance to departments, faculty, and staff regarding issues related to property administration and inventory.  PMO also runs the University surplus sales and reuse programs.

Property Program Managers

Property Program Manager's (PPMs) serve as liasons between PMO and University schools and departments.  Generally, the PPM will coordinate efforts through the Department Property Administrators (DPAs) in the various offices. See the following list to locate the PPM for your department.

Scott Ray, (650) 725-9839

  • School of Engineering (RAAA-SZZZ)

  • Dean of Research (MAAA-NZZZ)

  • Clark Center (NZLN)

  • Chemistry (QCAA-QCZZ)

Kim Kaehler,  (650) 723-2294

  • School of Medicine (VAAA-XZZZ)

Rebecca Galvin, (650) 736-8101

  • Dean of Research (MAAA-NZZZ)
  • Biology (QAUF-QBVE)
  • Physics (QEAA-QEZZ)
  • School of Earth Science
  • School of Humanities and Sciences
  • University IT

Mike Cunningham (650) 721-3220

  • All other departments

Property Physical Inventory B21 (Phase 1) Calendar

Department Property Administrator (DPA) Directory

Department Property Administrators (DPAs) establish and maintain property records for their assigned areas. The DPAs provide guidance to department personnel concerning property matters such as acquisition, coordination of transfers, equipment custody, and equipment at sub recipient locations, maintenance, physical inventory, and disposal. DPAs are their schools' liaisons with PMO on property related issues. To identify your local DPA, use the DPA Directory.


Department Property Administrator (DPA) Directory


Property Management Forms and Documents

Quickly find property management forms and documents listed in one place for your easy reference.


Property Management Forms AND DOCUMENTS

Property Management User Guides, FAQ's and Reference Material

Click the link below to take you to helpful user guides, FAQ's and reference material:



Stanford Property Administration Resource Center (SPARC)

Stanford Property Administration Resource Center (SPARC) is a portal for common property tasks.

Excess Requests

Electronic routing and tracking of equipment excess requests. 

DPA Directory

Locate the primary Department Property Administrator (DPA) for your department and get contact information.

SFA Catalog Requests

Request SFA Catalog numbers for entering Sunflower property records.

SFA DPA Screening

For use by DPA's to perform auditable screening reports on capital acquisitions. Enter the resulting report number in the approval comment field of the requisition. May also be used for general asset searches.

CAP Templates

For use in making adjustments and/or corrections to capital purchase (equipment) transactions. When preparing a capital purchase (equipment) adjustment you do not use ijournals, but use the CAP Template.  Please contact your UPA for more information.



Property Management Manual

The Property Management Manual contains policies and procedures regarding the acquisition, maintenance, reporting and disposition of capital assets.


View the Property Management Manual

Surplus Property Sales

When a department has a piece of working equipment that is of salable quality and no longer needed by any campus department, the Surplus Property Sales (SPS) department should be notified. SPS will make an attempt to locate a buyer for the equipment.

Billing Address

485 Broadway, Third Floor Redwood City, CA  94063

Policy Surplus Property

Reuse Website

The Reuse Website is an on-line mechanism for Stanford employees with a SUNet ID to “advertise" usable items (Stanford owned) that are no longer needed.  These items are available for sale or at no charge for transfer to another department. For more detailed information see Section 4.1 Re-Use, in the Property Manual.  


Link to Reuse Website

Property Management Office (PMO) Staff

Rebecca Galvin

Property Programs Manager
Property Management Office
(650) 736-8101

Kim Kaehler

Property Programs Manager
Property Management Office
(650) 723-2294

Mandy Shumei Lee

Capital Equipment Accountant
Property Management Office
(650) 725-8989

Steven Magee

Property Specialist
Property Management Office
(650) 723-3001

Jose Medina

Lead Inventory Specialist
Property Management Office
(650) 723-1735

Anh Quoc Nguyen

Accountant 2
Property Management Office
(650) 724-0379

Alejandro Perez

Surplus Sales Manager
Property Management Office
(650) 723-3001

Jose Plascencia

Inventory Specialist
Property Management Office
(650) 391-3637

Scott Ray

Property Programs Manager
Property Management Office
(650) 725-9839

Huy Vu

Bus Sys Analyst PMO
Property Management Office
(650) 723-9048



485 Broadway, Third Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063-3136
United States


Ivonne Bachar

Senior Director Property Management Office
Property Management Office
(650) 723-9095

Stanley Dunn

Associate Director
Property Management Office
(650) 725-0081