OTL (Office of Technology Licensing)

Knowledge and discoveries from Stanford can be transferred outside of the University to benefit the general public. When those discoveries take the form of intellectual property, the transfer generally requires formal licensing through Stanford’s Office of Technology and Licensing (OTL). The University policies for disclosing and managing intellectual property depend on whether the intellectual property is a patentable invention, a copyright for software and other creative works, or tangible research property typically biological materials.

Stanford researchers can find detailed information about working with OTL in the Inventor's Guide and the OTL website. OTL has also created a Start-Up Guide for Stanford faculty, staff, and students interested in launching a start-up company based on intellectual property that is owned by the University.


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OTL (Office of Technology Licensing) Staff

Tatiana Sorokina

Industrial Contracts Offcr 2
Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)
(650) 721-2185

Chris Tagge

Technology Licensing Assoc 2
Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)
(650) 725-8402

Brandon Tran

Intellectual Property Specialist
Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)
(650) 724-7753

Chau Nicole Truong

Industrial Contracts Officer 1
Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)

Mona Wan

Associate Director, Licensing
Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)
(650) 498-0902

Christine Watson

Industrial Contracts Officer
Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)
(650) 724-9332

Mary Jane Wolf

Technology Licensing Liaison
Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)
(650) 725-9127

Lin Xie

Finance Services Manager
Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)
(650) 725-9038

Sally Mae Younger

Marketing Specialist
Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)

Mr Justin W Zahrt

Assistant Director for Intellectual Property
Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)
(650) 725-9408



415 Broadway Academy Hall
Redwood City, CA 94063
United States
T: (650) 723-0651
F: (650) 725-7295


Assistant to the Executive Director

Shawn Harlan