HR Systems

PeopleSoft HR Management

Employee and retiree records are managed using PeopleSoft HRMS. To update an employee's data in PeopleSoft, please email your DoR HR Manager along with the corresponding HR form.

  • HR users may access PeopleSoft from the Axess system under the HR Admin tab
  • PeopleSoft Job Aid - Job Data: View employment-related information for an active or terminated employee
  • PeopleSoft Job Aid - Personal Data: View personal information such as Date of Birth, addresses, STF Service Date, citizenship, etc.
  • PeopleSoft Job Aid - Search Match: Verify if an incoming employee has an existing Employee ID or University ID at Stanford before requesting to hire the person to PeopleSoft
  • Update an employee's legal name:
    • Verify the employee's new legal name via a Social Security Card or other legal document
    • Send the employee's new legal name (First, Middle, Last) and the effective date to your HR Manager
    • Employees can update their preferred name in StanfordYou
  • Update an employee's address:
    • Employees can log in to StanfordYou and update their address at any time under the 'Maintain your directory information' tab
    • Employees can also maintain their emergency contact information in StanfordYou
    • Information changes saved in StanfordYou update PeopleSoft on a nightly basis and flow to the benefits system automatically within a few days
    • Former employees should email their updated address to the local HR contact and then DoR HR can send the update to HRT to update the system
      • Note: W-2s for former employees are mailed out to the address on file by January 31. It is up to the department to keep the address up to date. W2s are not emailed to former employees. To request a W-2 reprint starting February 15, please follow instructions on Fingate
    • For additional assistance, former employees can contact the Payroll Office directly:

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OBI HR Reporting

OBI HR Reporting provides authorized HR users to pull information from PeopleSoft for reporting functions by org code or employee.

  • HR users may generate reports at > Catalog > Share Folders > HR-Payroll-Benefits System
  • OBI HR Reporting Job Aid: Outlines information on the reporting structure, how to run reports with screenshots and quick steps, and helpful tips and guidelines for expected results.
  • Common HR reports include: Emergency Contact, HR Supervisor, Activity, Contingent Workforce Audit, Dates, Gross Pay, Print-A-Person, Salary List

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Nolij Employee Files

In 2018, the DoR transferred all benefits-eligible personnel files to Nolij to cease using paper for employee records and store electronically as document images in an electronic record.

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Axess Timecard

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Taleo Applicant Tracking

Taleo is Stanford's Applicant Tracking System that assists in the recruitment process for benefits-eligible staff. 


User Roles (in order from highest - lowest authority):

  1. Recruiter - Access is limited to HR Directors, HR Managers and Employment Specialists. This access enables you to view all requisitions and candidates (excludes confidential requisitions). You must complete pre-requisites to gain access. To learn more about Recruiter Authority, reference the Recruiter Authority FAQs.
  2. HR Rep - School and VP area human resources staff have administrative access to creating requisitions, and candidate management for the requisitions assigned to their school or area.
  3. Hiring Manager - Managers hiring a staff member can view assigned requisitions and can change step and status for candidates up to the interview completion step. See the Hiring Manager tools in the Cardinal at Work website.
  4. Collaborator - Others participating in the selection process can view requisitions assigned to them, review and compare candidates, and share resumes with others. See the Watcher/Collaborator tools in the Cardinal at Work website

Your access can be found on Authority Manager under Human Resources > Applicant Tracking System


Taleo Job Aids


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HireRight Background Checks

Stanford seeks to hire the best talent and to promote a safe and secure environment for all members of the university community and its property.  A background check provides independent verification of information about a job finalist before the offer to hire is final. The background check always includes a criminal court record search, and may also include independent verification of the highest level of education.

  • HR users may access HireRight at
  • Review the Stanford Background Check Policy
  • All background check policies and procedures, instructions, and forms can be found at
  • For new hire staff, background checks should be initiated directly from the Taleo requisition after the offer letter has been extended
  • For new contingents and academic staff, background checks should be initiated directly from HireRight after the offer letter has been extended 

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CardinalTemps is a new system that offers a one-stop solution for managing the hiring of temporary staff at Stanford through the ZeroChaos platform.

  • Create a CardinalTemps account by emailing your SUNet and Department name to
  • Login to iProcurement > Favorites > iProcurement Home > CardinalTemps icon
  • Use the CardinalTemps tools and resources to navigate the ZeroChaos platform, create a requisition, and manage candidates
  • Note: CardinalTemps will not affect temp/casual employees hired directly onto Stanford's payroll. You may continue to hire temp/casual employees onto Stanford's payroll by submitting the HR form to

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